Content Guidelines

Welcome to our community. These guidelines help ensure that everyone on Discover has a safe expereience. If you violate any of these policies you will be sanctioned and might be banned from using our service. Please report users who violate our content guidelies by using the in-app reporting system

Sexually Explicit or Suggestive Content

• We don't tolerate any type of sexual suggestive content on our platform. Please do not upload sexually suggestive or explicit messages using our service.

• Never post, redistribute, save, or send nude or sexual content involving anyone under the age of 18, even of yourself.

•Never ask a minor to send explicit imagery or chats. We report child sexual exploitation to authorities. If you observe behavior that violates or might lead to the violation of this rule please contact us immediately at We will usually respond within a few hours and take action immediately


• When starting the app for the first time you are being asked for your age. Answer truthfully, if you lie about your age your account will be terminated

• You have to be at least 13 years old use our service

• If you are between 13 and 17 years old you may only use our serivce with the permission of their legal representative.


• We have zero tolerance for bullying or harassment of any kind.

• Don’t send a photo with the intention of making someone feel bad. If someone blocks you, don’t try to contact them from another account.

• If someone is in your photo and asks you to remove it, please do!

Hate Speech

• Don't post any content that demeans, defames, or promotes discrimination or violence on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability

Unauthorized Selling

•Never use our service in order to promote you buissnes or sell any kind of item or service - especially access to "Premium Snap" accounts to our users

Evading Bans

•Evading bans is prohibited and will result in account suspension leading up to termination.

Threats, Racism, Violence & Harm

• Never threaten to harm a person, a group of people, or someone’s property. Encouraging violence is prohibited on Discover.

• We don’t allow the glorification of self-harm, including the promotion of self-injury or eating disorders.

Impersonation, Deceptive Behavior & Spam

• Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not — this includes your friends, celebrities, brands, or other organizations — or attempt to deceive people about who you are.

• We prohibit spam and deceptive practices, including content that imitates Snapchat ad formats.

Illegal Content

•The use of Discover for illegal activties — including to buy or sell illegal drugs, contraband, counterfeit goods, or illegal weapons - is stricly prohibited. Please report user who perform illegal activies.


• Terrorist organizations are prohibited from using our platform and we have no tolerance for content that advocates or advances terrorism.

Please remember that you can always report inappropriate content or activity using our in-app reporting feature. We review these reports within a few hours to determine whether there is a violation of these Guidelines and any action needs to be taken.

If you violate our content guidelines, we may remove the offending content, terminate your account, and/or notify law enforcement. If your account is terminated for violating our Terms of Service or these Guidelines, you may not use Discover again. Please take these Guidelines seriously and honor them in the spirit in which they are intended. We’ll do our best to enforce them consistently and fairly, and ultimately we’ll try to do what we think best reflects these values in each situation in our sole discretion.